Month: November 2018

How To Change JioFi Password – Step by Step Guide

jiofi device

The internet nowadays has become a necessity for a lot of our everyday living. No wonder you can find it everywhere. Although it is quite bothersome how high-speed internet is still a rarity in this day and age. Imagine surfing the web on your Windows 10 or Mac,and having the new YouTube video you’re watching buffer right before it gets to the good part. Good thing all of that is about to change with JioFi!

What is JioFi?

If you’ve never heard of JioFi, here is a quick rundown of the important details that you need to know about this product. Coming to you from LYF, under Reliance Digital, JioFi is a portable hotspot that allows internet access to mobile devices and computers. While you might wonder how this is different from other portable hotspots in the market, the distinguishing factor lies in two letters that’ll make any internet fanatic excited: 4G.

That’s right. JioFi will provide you with nothing else but the coveted 4G internet connection that’s supposed to improve your connectivity and speed by a mile.  No need to replace your computer or device to acquire great internet speed. Video chats, movie viewing, and web browsing in general is experienced best when there are up to 10 users connected to JioFi.

How To Change Your JioFi Password:

Since you’ll want to be keeping your device secure, here is a cheat sheet or guide on how to change your password.

  1. Turn your JioFi device on.
  2. Have any one of your devices successfully connect to your JioFi.
  3. From any of the available web browser on your device , type in the link or the address jiofi.local.html  to gain access to your JioFi settings.
    jiofi web address
  4. Log into by clicking or tapping on the Log In link, found on the upper right corner of the page.jiofi status page
  5. Input your log in details.jiofi log in page
  6. If you’re still on your default username and password, and you’re logging in for the first time, you should see a pop up message that reminds you to change your password. Click OK to proceed.jiofi change password
  7. Click the User Management tab.jiofi user management tab
  8. You can go again and input your preferred JioFi password. Alternatively, you could also change your username in this same page, should you feel the need to.change jiofi password

Tip: Should this pose an issue to your JioFi hotspot starting, you can go ahead and lift the case off the back. This will reveal a small pin-sized hole at the upper right side, above the battery. Use a pin to insert through the hole, allowing your JioFi device to reset.


Changing your JioFi password is fairly easy, and should be a practice of every user so as to secure their devices. A helpful tip that others have been using is changing the password every so often, so that your hotspot device is extra secured throughout its usage.

Now that you’re ready to change your JioFi password, don’t forget to do so on your next log in.